Specialities – continued

Prices: Restaurant / Take-away

Spice Guide: 1 = Very Mild, 2 = Mild, 3 = Medium, 4 = Hot, 5 = Very Hot

For this menu list, you can choose which meat, fish or vegetable you would like with any of these curries.
Please see the additional pricing lists below.

Mossala (1-2)

Preparation of tandoori flavoured yoghurt, creamy sauce with coconut, ground almonds & sultana.

Makani (1-2)

Creamy dish with ground almonds, coconut, a touch of spices and topped with sliced almonds.

Passanda (1-2)

Cooked in a rich creamy sauce, selected spices and yoghurt with flaked almond topping.

Balti (3)

A most popular, full-flavoured dish consisting of a combination of herbs and spices.

Karahi (3)

Aromatic spices are used in a traditional cooking method to create a delightful character.

Chilli Mossala (4)

Mossala dish cooked with fresh chillies, cream and a variety of spices.

Jalfrezi (4)

A fairly hot dish prepared with fresh green chillies, and garnished with fresh coriander.

Sri Lanka (4)

A traditional Sri Lankan dish cooked with coconut powder and sliced lemon, for a distinct flavour.